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In 2000, after the melting of the Antarctic Polar Ice Cap - the planetwide catastrophe known as "Second Impact", the world's population decreased by half. 15 years later, in 2015, while the world is still under restoration, mysterious entities called "Angels" suddenly strike Tokyo-3, a specially planned city under construction in the Hakone area. NERV, a United Nations special agency, is ordered to destroy them. They reactivate their multi-purpose humanoid fighting machines, "Evangelions", which are piloted by several 14-year-old youngsters. They are the last hope of humankind......

EVA opening

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Story:10++ Characters:10 Art:10 Overall:10+

My review: Unique and charming story! The BEST animation ever! Don't agree that EVA is the best? Click here for some interesting figures about EVA and see how much impact it has caused (beside "Second Impact" ^_^) in the world of Anime!

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