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On a highway in the remote country side, a young girl named Lina is surrounded by a bunch of bandits. She shows no fear as she knows it's no sweat to smash them away with her powerful sorcery and great technique in sword.

Suddenly, Gourry, a young swordsman, appears and slashes the bandits with great skill before Lina draws her sword. Gourry is disappointed to find Lina is only a teenage tom-boy, not an attractive lady as he expected. Nevertheless, they head for Atrass City, side by side, because it's the nearest place to find a hotel.

Lina, a genius sorceress and exorcist, and Gourry, an extrodinary swordsman, stamp into a world of unexpected peril and fear in outrageously wacky way as if they are temped by unseen strings.


Story:8.9 Characters:9.8 Art:9.9 Overall:9.4

My review: An interesting adventure story!

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