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⭐Windows Gadget Gallery⭐

Windows Gadget is an interesting feature first introduced in Windows Vista and 7. They may be used to display information such as the system time, CPU/RAM usage and Internet-powered features such as RSS feeds, and to control external applications such as Windows Media Player. They can be freely placed and moved anywhere on the desktop.

We have expanded the concept of Windows Gadget to support Windows 10 and 8 with ADVANCED features in our System Animator gadget. Don't miss it! Other Anime-style gadgets for the legacy Windows Gadget platform are still available for download if you are using Windows 7 or Vista.

⭐System Animator⭐ Legacy Gadgets

Anime Clock 01

<Anime PC Meter Anime Calendar Anime Clock 02 Anime Clock 01 Installation and Info>

NOTE: This gadget only works on Windows 7/Vista. You are recommended to use System Animator instead.

This is the first gadget I made :P It is a simple clock with cute Anime-style digits.

(Full-size screenshots: Both docked and undocked "Anime Clock 01" showing on the deskop )

Download "Anime Clock 01" here (version 1.2.0, 337 KB in size)!

Anime Clock 02

<Anime PC Meter Anime Calendar Anime Clock 02 Anime Clock 01 Installation and Info>

NOTE: This gadget only works on Windows 7/Vista. You are recommended to use System Animator instead.

This is an analog clock with CUSTOMIZABLE clock background and various settings! We have included several Anime-style backgrounds, but you can use your own images as background as well! You can choose a folder with images of any kind, and a random (or sequential) image will be picked and cropped automatically to fit the clock background, and the background image can be set to change at regular interval.

(Full-size screenshots: Normal (docked and undocked) | Clock pointers in Pink | Clock panel ON )

Download "Anime Clock 02" here (version 1.3.0, 1.86 MB in size)!

Installation and Info

<Anime PC Meter Anime Calendar Anime Clock 02 Anime Clock 01 Installation and Info>

Installing a Gadget

Simply click on the unzipped ".gadget" file. Yeah it's that simple!

Gadgets on Windows 7

Windows gadgets work directly on Windows 7, just like Vista. However, the concept of "Sidebar" is gone so basically you just put the gadgets on your deskop and arrange them in the ways you like.

Gadgets on Windows XP

You can use Windows gadgets on Windows XP, by installing Windows Sidebar for XP.

"System Animator" Gadget on Windows 8

Windows 8 does not support gadgets anymore, but you can still run System Animator in HTA mode, WITHOUT the gadget platform.

  1. Download System Animator, and unzip the file as usual.
  2. Rename the unzipped ".gadget" file to ".zip", and unzip this renamed gadget file somewhere on your computer.
  3. Go to the unzipped folder, and click "SystemAnimator_ie.hta" to launch your first System Animator window (HTA mode)!
  4. NOTE:
    • Click here for more info regarding running System Animator in HTA mode.
    • Similar procedures can be used to run Spectrum Analyser (HTA mode) in Windows 8.
    • Similar procedures can be applied to Windows Vista and 7 to run System Animator and Spectrum Analyser, without installing the gadgets to the gadget platform. Internet Explorer 9 needs to be installed.

Anime PC Meter

<Anime PC Meter Anime Calendar Anime Clock 02 Anime Clock 01 Installation and Info>

NOTE: This gadget only works on Windows 7/Vista. You are recommended to use System Animator instead.

Finding a PC meter/monitoring tool that actually "looks different"? This may be what you are looking for! "Anime PC Meter" is a fully functional CPU/RAM/Drive/Network meter, with a cute and interesting Anime-style appearance and animated effects. So, when you see the CPU lady glowing in red, you know the CPU is busy :P


(Full-size screenshots: Normal (docked and undocked) | Flyout window ON (docked) | Flyout window ON (undocked) | Compact mode )

Download "Anime PC Meter" here (version 1.8.5, 1.00 MB in size)!

Anime Calendar

<Anime PC Meter Anime Calendar Anime Clock 02 Anime Clock 01 Installation and Info>

NOTE: This gadget only works on Windows 7/Vista. You are recommended to use System Animator instead.

This is a cute, Anime-style calendar with all months and dates represented by different Anime gals! You can double-click on it to view the full calendar.

(Full-size screenshots: Normal (docked and undocked) | Full calendar on flyout window )

Download "Anime Calendar" here (version 1.2.0, 3.01 MB in size)!

⭐System Animator⭐

"System Animator" is a system monitor with CUSTOMIZABLE animation! How about a cute Anime gal who dances according to the CPU usage? Hatsune Miku waving her leek while playing a MP3? The famous Matrix digital rain effect with scroll speed corresponding to your network traffic? It's up to your imagination!


Confused? Check out our Video Demo section and watch this gadget in ACTION!

⇓ System Animator - DOWNLOAD ⇓ (Windows | Linux | Web Browser):

  1. XR Animator⭐ (System Animator + Electron)
    (Video Demo | How to install)

    • XR Animator is an all-in-one package incluidng both System Animator and Electron. It inherits from System Animator project, with more focus on motion capture, mixed reality and other new functionality. Check out these YouTube videos to know more about the new features of XR Animator.

For existing users, check out the Video Demo section for videos demonstratng the NEW features in the recent updates.


⭐System Animator⭐

Q: Does it work on Windows 10/8/7?

A: Yes. Download both System Animator and Electron, unzip them under the same folder, and run "electron.exe". Click here for video tutorial.

Q: Does it work on Windows XP?

A: The legacy gadget version should work if you have the Sidebar program for XP installed. Check out the Installation and Info section.

Q: Does it work on Linux?

A: Yes. Download both System Animator and the Linux version of Electron. Click here for more info.

Q: How do I install / set up the gadget?

A: Check out this video tutorial.

Q: Where can I download those desktop mascots/animations demonstrated in your YouTube videos?

A: Check out the EXTRAS section.

Q: How can I make System Animator respond to musics?

A: For System Animator 8+, simply enable the "Use audio FFT" option on the "Advanced=>HTML5=>General" tab of the settings panel, which works when you drop a music file to the gadget directly.

To monitor any sound on your computer, you need to enable the "Live input" option, and set your Windows's audio recording device to "Stereo Mixer". Click "?" besides the "Live input" option for further details.

For the legacy gadget version of System Animator, you need to install "Spectrum Analyser" gadget in order for System Animator to monitor sound output. Download it here.

Q: Settings are not saved, and animations are always at their default states. What should I do?

A: If your Windows user account does not have administrative access, you may need to move System Animator as well as all animation folders to somewhere under the user folder of your Windows account, so that System Animator has the right to update the settings.

Q: I am confused with the new Chromium/XUL/HTA mode.

A: System Animator 8+ runs in Chromium mode by default. If you install and use System Animator in the usual way, you may simply ignore the other modes (XUL/HTA). However, if for any reason you want or need to run System Animator in XUL or HTA mode, check out this video tutorial.

Any more questions, comments or bug reports? Visit our Facebook page and let us know!

⭐System Animator⭐

<🎁Extra Animations🎁 | Spectrum Analyser>

Here is a collection of animations of various styles for use with System Animator. To use these animations, simply unzip the downloaded file and drop the animation folder to the gadget. If you still don't understand, check out this video tutorial.

🎁<Normal Animations | Animated Pictures | 3D Animations | Renders Gallery | SEQ Video | MacFace>🎁

Animations made by other users

By Kilvoctu:

By superstarhollyann:

Wanna make your own animations too? Check out this section!


  • Some of the files in the section are in RAR format. Download this program if you can't uncompress them. Also note that you need to download ALL parts of the same RAR archive before you can uncompress them.
  • Don't miss the Animated Picture section, with MORE animations of a very different style!

Can't find what you want? Why not make your own animation? Check out the Make Your Animation section.

⭐System Animator⭐

<🎁Extra Animations🎁 | Spectrum Analyser>

NOTE: For System Animator 8+, "Spectrum Analyser" is no longer required. Simply enable the "Use audio FFT" option on the "Advanced=>HTML5=>General" tab of the settings panel to enable sound detection.

System Animator supports the monitoring of sound output of your computer. Imagine a cute Anime gal dancing to the beats when you play a MP3 song... pretty cool, right? ^_^

In order to let System Animator monitor sound output, you must install the "Spectrum Analyser" gadget (by Jon Abbott). The version of Spectrum Analyser required by System Animator is a modified version, which can be downloaded below. After installing this gadget, you can then choose to monitor sound output in the settings panel of System Animator.

To achieve the best results, you may want to adjust the "Update interval" of System Animator to 0.1 second. You can also try changing the "Monitor sensitivity" setting on System Animator and the "Gain" setting on Spectrum Analyser to fine tune the effects.

Download "Spectrum Analyser" here (version, revision 42, 2.71 MB in size)!

(last updated on December 3, 2012)


⭐System Animator⭐

System Animator - Introduction

Other interesting videos and usage

These YouTube videos show System Animator in ACTION! They demonstrate System Animator as a multi-purpose PC activity monitor, as well as a music visualizer, with interesting and fully CUSTOMIZABLE animation!

For existing users, you may want to check out the following videos to know more about what's NEW in recent updates (also check out our Facebook page as well).

Subscribe my YouTube channel for MORE videos demonstrating System Animator!

NOTE: Most animations demonstrated in these videos can be found in the EXTRAS section.

⭐System Animator⭐

⭐DOWNLOAD⭐ | FAQ | Video Demo | 🎁EXTRAS🎁 | Modes | Make Your Animation | Support Us

Make Your Animation

Can't find what you want in the EXTRAS section? Why not make your own animation? Check out the following video tutorials to know how to make different kinds of animations for System Animator. You are also recommended to take a look at those animations I made as examples.

System Animator also allows you to simply drop an image or video file and use it directly as desktop animation! Yeah, it is just that SIMPLE! Check out the following video tutorials for details.

  Using your image and video files directly  

  1. Using any image (simple but useful desktop image holder)
  2. Using one or more images (turning whatever image into music ANIMATION!)
  3. Using any MP4 video (advanced style)

Still can't find what you want? Looking for something complicated for your personal use? We accept commissioned requests for customizations. Visit our Facebook page, send us a PM and we can talk.

⭐System Animator⭐

<Chromium Mode | 🌐ONLINE Mode🌐>

By default, System Animator runs in "Chromium mode" (based on the same browser engine as Chrome) as a standalone application, instead of replying on the legacy Windows gadget platform which is no longer supported in Windows 10/8. Running System Animator in Chromium mode has many advantages, such as major performance improvement, child animation support, wallpaper mask (sample download), advanced video usage ("SEQ Video" animation support), desktop clock, video overlay effect, Matrix rain effect, scale/rotate/flip, 3D animation, and various new features.

Not fancy enough? Chromium mode even allows you to run System Animator as your ANIMATED desktop wallpaper! Check out the video above!

In older version of System Animator, XUL and HTA modes are also available as an alternative to Chromium mode. XUL mode is Firefox-based while HTA mode is IE-based. Both modes are obsolete now.

Check out this video for info on how you can run System Animator in HTA/XUL mode.

NOTE: System Animator 8+ runs in Chromium mode by default, which is recommended.

⭐System Animator⭐

❤️Support Us❤️

System Animator was born more than 10 years ago, and is still growing strong. While System Animator is free, lots of time, efforts and money have been spent to keep this project running. If you like our works, please consider making a donation. Your financial support is needed to keep us going!🙏

System Animator is freeware, but commissioned requests for customizations are also welcomed. Visit our Facebook page, send us a PM and we can talk.

Lastly, if you have a Facebook, Twitter, or other social network account, remember to promote this page and let more people know about System Animator!

⭐System Animator⭐

Using Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS or any of those Linux desktop out there? Are you frustrated to see all those cool desktop gadgets like Rainmeter, Wallpaper Engine and even the old System Animator itself which are Windows only? The wait is finally over! The new System Animator is for you! Curious to know how System Animator looks on Linux? Check out this video!

System Animator's Linux support is now under beta testing. I don't have a dedicated Linux machine myself, and can only test it on a VM (Virtual Machine) environment (Ubuntu running under VMware to be exact), which is inadequate considering that there are so many Linux distros out there. If you want to try System Animator on your Linux desktop, please follow the procedures below. The process will be more complicated than doing so on Windows, but since you are a Linux user, I expect that you should have some certain degree of computer knowledge, and thus this should still be easy enough for you.

  1. First of all, download the latest version of System Animator (the exact same file as the Windows version).
  2. Download "Electron", the software platform where System Animator actually runs. Since Linux can run on various CPU architectures, choose the version that fits your Linux machine.
  3. Put the compressed files of both System Animator and Electron under the SAME folder of your choice, and uncompress them there, exactly like the procedures for Windows version (video demo).
  4. The procedures so far are very similar to those for Windows version. Before you run "electron" and start System Animator for the first time, you need to do one more step. Download the following ZIP file, extract the content inside (2 files), and put them under the "resources" folder of Electron.
  5. Run "electron" inside the Electron folder, and you should see your very first System Animator animation on Linux!


⭐System Animator⭐

<Chromium Mode | 🌐ONLINE Mode🌐>

We are proud to introduce "XR Animator", the next-generation System Animator with all existing features inherited while providing new functionality to suit the metaverse era. It supports full-body motion tracking using just a single webcam, right on your web browser. It uses the machine learning (ML) solution from MediaPipe and TensorFlow.js to detect the 3D poses from a live webcam video, which is then used to drive the 3D avatar (MMD/VRM model) as if you are controlling it with your body. It can be used for whatever XR purpose, and even for VTubing.

Even though XR Animator is still under development, some online demos are already available for preview and testing purposes!

Check out our GitHub page and follow the latest development of XR Animator! Remember to subscribe our YouTube channel for future video updates! Bug reports? Suggestions? Let me know on my Twitter.

Like our Facebook page for updates on our gadgets! Leave a comment before leaving! ^o^

Questions? Comments? Visit our Facebook, Twitter, or discuss in our forums!

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