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"Sanjiyan" is a mythical race which is near extinction. They are 3-eyed immortals who can eat human's soul once in their lives. Those eaten will become immortal servants to their eaters. The souls will be kept inside Sanjiyans' bodies until they dies. These immortal servants will have a mysterious symbol(a word pronounced as "Wu") on their foreheads.

Pai is a 300-year-old Sanjiyan who appears to be a young and cute girl and wants to become human. With the help of professor Fujii before his death, she came to Japan to meet his son Yakumo who could help her. Unfortunately, just after Yakumo's first encounter with Pai, an accident occured and he was killed by a monster. At that moment, Pai's sleeping third eye suddenly awakened and absorbed Yakumo's soul. Although he was saved, he became a "Wu" to her! Now they are on the quest to become human......

3x3 Eyes

Story:9.5 Characters:9.8 Art:9.7 Overall:9.6

My review: The OAV is cool, and the manga just rocks!

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Animated Mouse Cursors

Pai and her Sanjiyan form

Yakumo in battle

Yakumo again!

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3x3 Eyes "Kyuuseikoushu" (The Vampire Princess) is a Windows game produced by Nihon Create.

3x3 Eyes is copyright 1987-97 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha - Bandai Visual - King Records. All rights reserved.

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