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400 years ago, "Anthrax", the God of Destruction came to destroy the world. Although she was defeated finally, many died during this war. After she was sealed, Dark Schneider the evil wizard planned to conquer the world. He was so powerful that no one could stop him until 15 years ago he was defeated by the Dragon Warrior, Prince Lazu. The moment before Schneider was killed, he casted the "rebirth" magic on himself, but this was noticed by High Priest Geo and he casted a magic on Dark Schneider before he could be resurrected, and sealed him inside a newborn baby......

15 years later, Schneider's previous companions planned to release Anthrax from her seal. They are no longer on Dark Schneider's side! Their elite armies are now in front of the palace of Metallicana, aiming to break one of the Anthrax's seal which is kept in this country. Being a priest with only defensive power, Geo plans to make a bet and release Dark Schneider in order to stop the attacking force. The only way to break the seal is a kiss from a virgin, and the only one in the palace who can break the seal is Yoko, Geo's daughter. Although she feels embarrassed to do this thing, with no other way to save the country, she does it finally......

"Under the name of Goddess Zena, break the seal......", she whispers and kisses the sealed Schneider......

Story:9.8 Characters:10 Art:9.8 (10+ for Manga) Overall:9.9

My review: Dark Schneider is the coolest guy of all Anime!! He is smart, powerful, "ultimately handsome" (as he always says so ^_^), crazy, cruel, naughty and lots more! "Chaotic good" is perhaps the most suitable word to describe his alignment.

The author of Bastard, Kazushi Hagiwara is certainly one of the best Manga (comics) artist in Japan. I love the way he expresses the story of Bastard (a good combination of violence, humor and some nudities) and his drawings are just awesome! He can draw the coolest guys, the hottest girls, the most thrilling monsters, and bring them lives in his Manga. It's hard to find another Manga artist who can draw as good as him!

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