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Tenchi is a normal student on Earth. His life begins to become "abnormal" after he met two girls, Ryoko and Aeka from outer planets. Later Sasami, Mihoshi, Kiyone and Wasyu also join this interesting party. The story between Tenchi and these lovely girls begins......

Tenchi movie

Tenchi Muyo

Story:9.1 Characters:9.9 Art:9.9 Overall:9.5

My review: Full of fun and cuteness!

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Tenchi Muyo in Love Midsummer Eve Eternal Memory
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Tenchi Muyo Movie I - Tenchi Muyo in Love

Tenchi movie

This is the first movie from the Tenchi Muyo series, and also one of my favorite Anime movie. In the story Tenchi goes back to the past to protect his mother, Achika. Come and know more about this movie. Remember to check out the Desktop Theme I made which is dedicated to this movie!

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Tenchi Muyo Movie II - Midsummer Eve

Tenchi movie

This is the second Tenchi Muyo movie. The story is about a mysterious girl Mayuka who claims to be Tenchi's daughter from the future. Come and see what happens to Mayuka and Tenchi's family. Check out the animated GIF I made with scenes from the movie too!

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Tenchi Muyo Movie III - Eternal Memory

Tenchi movie

This is the thrid Tenchi Muyo movie, and also the LAST one for the Tenchi Muyo TV series. One day Tenchi suddenly disappears, and when Ryoko and Aeka find him after half a year, he is living with a mysterious girl Haruna! This movie gives a FINAL ENDING to the whole TV series.

(Still haven't seen this great movie? Buy its DVD here!)

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