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Himura Kenshin used to be hitokiri (a master assassin) for the government, and killed many people. Because of his past, he has sworn never to kill again because he fears that he will return to being hitokiri. Since he is a master swordsman, he has a custom made sakaba sword, with the blunt side where the sharp side should be. The sword is this way so he can hit people, but not kill them.

The story began in Tokyo where Kenshin met Kamiya Kaoru who was the young successor of her family dojo. After some events between them, Kaoru knew more about Kenshin's past and offered him to stay at her dojo, and said she didn't care about his past and him being the infamous "Hitokiri Batousai" (The most powerful and deadliest master assassin). Kenshin accepted her offer on the condition that he may take a walk one day and never return. This is the story of how a wandering samurai finally found a home and fight to protect it and his friends.

Rurouni Kenshin

Story:9.4 Characters:9.9 Art:9.9 Overall:9.7

My review: This is a cool series with unique character settings and story!

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