(BGM from Chrono Cross "Another World")

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Under two parallel worlds with great similarity, everyone is living in two distinct lives. In the heart of this mystic phenomenon, a youngster knows his real fate...

Because of a mysterious incident in the past, Serge becomes the key to the existence of Time. Guided by the fate, he together with Kid and 40 more characters gets on with a journey that goes beyond the dimensions. They have to face the past, present and future of the Planet, and even more that they have never expected...

Story:10+ Characters:10+ Graphics:10 Gameplay:10 Overall:10+

My review: This is the second sequel from the famous "Chrono Trigger" RPG series. I have to say, I DO love this game, even though I've never played Chrono Trigger before! The story is huge and charming. There are over 40 characters in the game, but still all of them have their own personalities and story lines. There are CG movies in the game just like FF8, and the opening is one of the BEST ever produced, even if not better than that of FF8. This is my favorite Squaresoft title besides the Final Fantasty series!

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Chrono Cross Active Desktop Theme

This is probably what you're looking for on this page - Chrono Cross Active Desktop Theme (version 1.20)! Download it now and let all kinds of Chrono Cross stuff fill your whole desktop! It contains the Kid animated cursor as well as the opening animated cursor below. Remember to read the readme file included as it contains all kinds of info about the Theme as well as some critical information on how you can install those "Active" components in the Theme (this is the ONLY Theme in this site that comes with this kind of Active Desktop setup)! You may click here to view it online.

NOTE: If you use WinZip, do NOT use the WinZip Wizard option! It will NOT unzip all the files required by the Theme, resulting in the Active part of the Theme not working properly. Please use WinZip Classic or any other unzipping programs that simply unzip all files.

If you want to preview the Theme before download, click here.

Download Chrono Cross Active Desktop Theme version 1.20 (4.35M)!

Want another startup sound for this Theme? Click below to download a NEW one for your desktop!

Download Startup Sound II (1'29" play time, 3.13M zip)!

If you have finished the game, you can go to my Miscellaneous Files section to download a NEW set of startup/shutdown sound files from the ending song of the game!

Chrono Cross animated mouse cursor! Download!

Misc Downloads Story Translation Merchandise

Final Fantasy XII X-2 X IX VIII VII - Dirge of Cerberus - Crisis Core

Miscellaneous Downloads

Come get some other Chrono Cross desktop files such as startup logos and sounds, as well as the opening movie in MPEG format!

Story Translation

Are you playing the Japanese version of Chrono Cross but you can't understand the story? Come here! Even if you are playing the English version, this translation serves as a simple walkthrough as well!

Chrono Cross Merchandise

Want other Final Fantasy and Anime goods? Come here!

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2 is a direct sequel to the previous title Final Fantasy X. This time the focus of the story is on Yuna and she will travel with two other female characters, Rikku and Paine throughout the game. Check out all the cool stuff including desktop downloads, trailers and other in-game Full Motion Videos for the possibly HOTTEST RPG in 2003!

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X is the first Final Fantasy title released on PlayStation 2. Unlike all previous Final Fantasy titles before it, FFX features a fully rendered 3D World map with fully polygonal objects on it. And with the high-resolution and awesome CG movies, FFX is undoubtedly one of the BEST game titles ever produced! Check out all the cool stuff for this GREAT game!

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is the last FF title on PlayStation. With its touching story, awesome CG animations and well-established characters, FF9 is one of the BEST game title ever produced! Check out all the cool stuff for this masterpiece!

Final Fantasy VIII

With its awesome CG animations, FF8 is certainly one of the BEST RPG ever produced! "Eyes On Me", the english theme song of this game is still one of the BEST game song I've ever heard! Check out all the cool stuff for this masterpiece!

Final Fantasy VII

Even though newer FF titles have been released, FF7 is still a great game. Come get some desktop accessories and stuff related to this top-selling RPG. Don't miss The Promised Land, an online FF7-based RPG created by myself in which Cloud and his companions go beyond the original FF7 world!

Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Cerberus

"Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Cerberus", the FIRST official game sequel after the original FF7 series has already been released in Japan! Come take a look at some of the high-quality CG movies used in game!

Final Fantasy XII

It has been 5 years since the last major FF title (FF10). Final Fantasy XII finally arrives with amazing graphics, tons of new elements and surprises. Check out all the info and downloads about this long-awaited RPG!

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

"Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII", an action RPG on PlayStation Portable (PSP), is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII and is also the fourth entry in the "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII". Check out all the high-quality CG movies used in game!

More cursors/icons and other stuff coming soon!

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