Final Fantasy VIII

(BGM from FF8 "Don't be Afraid")

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Squall, a student of the military academy Garden meets a mysterious girl Rinoa in the party hall. Although Squall used to be cold and care nothing about other people's matter, the passionate and mood-making Rinoa is going to affect him deeply.

On the other side, country Galbadia suddenly declares war on the whole world. During a speech, a mysterious woman stands besides the president of Galbadia. She is a "Witch", a name already forgotten by most people...

FF8 demo movie in Tokyo Game Show

Final Fantasy VIII

Story:10 Characters:10+ Graphics:10+ Gameplay:10 Overall:10

My review: This is certainly a GREAT game! The graphics is stunning(it could even be better if this game was on a better machine...) and the FMVs are just AWESOME! The characters are realistic and they all have their own personalities. The most outstanding part of the game is perhaps the "love and romance" in the story. These elements used to be the weak parts in most of the previous FF titles and other RPGs but FF8 handles them quite well. The battle system has changed dramatically. It's up to one's taste to think whether the changes are good or not, but the new system will certainly give you a refreshing feeling.

Interesting Note: "Eyes On Me", the English theme song of FF8 sung by Faye Wong won the award "Song of The Year (Foreign Music)" in the 14th "Japanese Gold Disc Award", which is an important music event in Japan. Note that this is the FIRST time a game song wins this award.

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Final Fantasy X-2 is a direct sequel to the previous title Final Fantasy X. This time the focus of the story is on Yuna and she will travel with two other female characters, Rikku and Paine throughout the game. Check out all the cool stuff including desktop downloads, trailers and other in-game Full Motion Videos for the possibly HOTTEST RPG in 2003!

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