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Boo series: Although Kaioushin and Z fighters had done their best to prevent Ancient Evil "Boo" from being released, unfortunately this devil of destruction was at last freed by dark wizard Babit. After released, Boo began his merciless massacre and destruction. He even killed his master Babit. Z fighters tried to destroy him afterwards, but Boo was so powerful that they were either killed or absorbed by Boo. He was becoming stronger and stronger from the absorbtion. It seemed no one could stop him execpt Son Gokuu , who was holding the Earrings of Fusion. At the same time, Vegeta who was already killed by Boo came back to the Earth with helps from the God. With this ultimate combo, Gokuu and Vegeta, the fusion begins......


Dragon Ball Z

Story:9.0 Characters:9.9 Art:10 Overall:9.6

My review: One of the BEST action Anime ever!

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