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(BGM from Chrono Cross "Kid's Past")

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Welcome! Download some interesting Chrono Cross stuff for your desktop! Don't miss the opening movie of the game, especially if you have never played the game before!

Chrono Cross Win95/98 Startup/Waiting/Shutdown screens!

Here is the THIRD set of startup/shutdown sound files from the ending song of the game for use with Chrono Cross Active Desktop Theme. If you haven't finished or even started the game, do NOT download it. Choose the version that fits your need.

  1. Startup Sound III version A (for normal use, 26" play time, 928KB zip)
  2. Startup Sound III version B (for Active Desktop, 2'15" play time, 4.66M zip)

Click here for the exit sound (17" play time, 527KB zip).

(Note: Version A is for use as the ordinary startup sound event. Version B is designed to be used with the Active Desktop included in the Theme. A NEW set of startup animation will be displayed for the Active Desktop if you use this sound!)

Chrono Cross Opening Movie

Chrono Cross ~Scar of Time~
(From Disc 1, 2'34" in duration)
This is the opening movie of Chrono Cross. Most of the main characters including Serge, Kid and Yamaneko appear inside. A RECOMMENDED download!
Choose a download site (25.6M).
Download Site I

More to come!

Chrono Cross and related stuff are copyrighted by Squaresoft.

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