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Welcome to the story section of my Chrono Cross page! Here you will find the translated story (by myself) of the Japanese version of Chrono Cross. I hope that this will help those who play the Japanese version without understanding the story to know more about what has happened and what will happen in the game. The translated story serves as a simple walkthrough as well. Please note that only the major events in the story will be included, since the original story is large and complex, and there are many sub-plots inside.

Please note that I began the translation long after I've finished the game, and in fact I have forgotten some of the details (especially names) in the game and there are some other things I couldn't remember clearly so there are undoubtedly some flaws in the translation. Moreover, I'm not good at writing and I just know a little about Japanese so if you find anything wrong here, feel free to correct me.

WARNING: The following sections can be ABSOLUTELY SPOILING. If you haven't started playing the game, the ONLY section you should see is "About the Game". All other sections reveal the events and secrets in the game!

Chrono Cross Translation (version 1.02)

About the Game I. The Beginning II. Another World
III. Serpent Castle IV. Finding the Antidote V. Following Yamaneco
VI. Dragon Castle VII. Switched Identity VIII. Finding the Gateway
IX. History of Future X. Dead Sea XI. Evil Serge
XII. Kid and Tukuyomi XIII. Dragon Gods XIV. Return of Self
XV. Court of God XVI. Chrono Police I XVII. Chrono Police II
XVIII. Chrono Trigger XIX. Yamaneco and Fate XX. Kid's Past
XXI. Chrono Cross XXII. Tower of Star XXIII. Millennium Queen I
XXIV. Millennium Queen II XXV. Time-Eating Monster XXVI. Ending I
XXVII. Ending II XXVIII. Ending III XXIX. Radical Dreamers

About the Game

Chrono Cross is a sequel from the famous RPG title "Chrono Trigger" (unfortunately I haven't had a chance to play this game... :p). The story takes place 20 years after the original Chrono Trigger, and some of the characters in Chrono Trigger such as Lucca do exist or have certain roles in the story. Apart from Chrono Trigger, the story also has some relations with another Super Famicom game called "Radical Dreamers", in which the characters "Serge", "Kid", "Yamaneco", the term "Radical Dreamers", the legendary gem "Frozen Flame" as well as some other elements appear in the story of Chrono Cross.

There are 2 main endings (one bad, one good) and more than 10 sub-endings in the game. You can see one of the 2 main endings when you finish the game. Then you are allowed to start the game for the second time in which some elements in your previous game will be brought to the new game, and this time you will be able to see the sub-endings. There will also be some NEW events and plots during this "new" adventure.

There are many sub-plots and side events in the game, and many of them are related to the 2 main "similar and parallel" worlds in the story. Once you have the ability to travel freely between these worlds, you should use it wisely to find these sub-plots and events out. For example, you will usually find some interesting things when you bring certain characters from one world to meet the "same" characters in another world.

Part I - The Beginning

In the beginning, what really happened?
When did the gears of time start to move?
From the depths of time, far away,
and now, it's almost impossible to give the answer...

But surely, in those days,
we did love a lot of things,
and we did hate many others...
to hurt, and be hurt...
We used to hear laughters that ran like the wind across the blue sky, though...

The story begins in a dream in which you (Serge) appear to have killed a girl called Kid. Then you wake up in your home village. You promise Lena (your childhood friend and perhaps your girlfriend too) to get some special lizard scales to make a necklace for her and so you leave the village and begin your first adventure. After that you meet Lena in a beach and she talks with you about some happenings between you and her in the past, but all of a suden some flashbacks come to your mind and then you fall into a plane wormhole...

Part II - Another World

After you wake up, you find that you appear to be still on the beach, but Lena is not here. You go back to your village, but you find that everything looks somewhat different and no one seems to reconize you. You begin to wonder if you have come to an unfamiliar world. You find Lena and talk with her, but she can't reconize you neither. However she tells you that she knows a boy with the same name as yours who was drowned at 10. You then go the boy's graveyard and there you really find "your" tombstone with your name on. Then you meet Kid. Suddenly 3 men from "Serpent Castle" come and try to catch you, but they are defeated by you and Kid. After that Kid joins your adventure party.

You then go to the town next to Serpent Castle. There you find some new people joining your adventure party, and by talking with the townsfolk you know more about the Serpent Castle, a thief called "Radical Dreamers" and a unique gem called "Frozen Flame". You want to know why the people from Serpent Castle are trying to catch you, and Kid wants to get the Frozen Flame from there, so both of you decide to sneak into the castle.

Part III - Serpent Castle

You successfully enter the castle, but you are trapped and fall down to the basement. With some tricks you escape and wander around the basement. You meet a female scientist Lutianna which is also the chief scientist there. You also hear something about a man called "Yamaneco" (the cat-man), and when Kid hears this name, she looks very angry.

You leave the basement and go to the hall of the castle. In the eastern tower you meet an old man who is the librarian there. He says something about you and the worlds. From this you know that there are 2 worlds of great similarity existing in parallel (your homeland is the "Home World" and the world you are currently in is "Another World"). He says you have actually "died" in this world and he suggests you find out all the things behind and why you were brought from your world to here. He also talks about a place in which he describes it as "the place which confuses even the Angels and where everything begins and ends" and he asks you to find it out as it may help you go back to your world. When you go back to the main hall, you meet a strange female jester named "Tukuyomi". She says something strange about you, but you have no idea what she's actually talking about.

You go upstairs, and inside a room you meet "Serpent Master", the owner of this castle and the lord of the nearby land, and the cat-man Yamaneco. Yamaneco talks with Kid, and then you know that Kid is in fact the infamous thief "Radical Dreamers"! You also see something like Frozen Flame in front of Yamaneco, and then some flashbacks come again. After a battle with Yamaneco, you manage to escape and run away, until you stop at the dead end. Kid is injured and falls down to the cliff behind. Before you jump to escape, Yamaneco says something about you. He seems to know you well, and he calls you "Chrono Trigger".

Part IV - Finding the Antidote

You and Kid are saved by the fisherboy Korcha and he brings you to his village. You wake up without much injury, but you find that Kid is very sick because she was poisoned by Yamaneco's weapon. The doctor says that the body fluid of creatures called "Bitora" is needed to make the antodote, but unfortunately this species has become extinct in this world. You know that these creatures still exist in your world, but you just don't know how to go back. At this monent Kid wakes up briefly from unconsciousness and gives you a magical bag which can be used to get past the dimension if it's used at the correct place. You remmber the old man's saying about "the place which confuses even the Angels and where everything begins and ends", and you begin to wonder if that's the beach where you came from.

You go back to the beach, and just as you expected you successfully use the magical bag to go back to your home world. You then go to the swamp where the Bitoras reside. There you save a fairy, defeat the dwarves who try to protect the last Bitora there, and finally kill the Bitora to get the fluid. Fortunately there are still some living babies inside the dead body so you know that you haven't made the species extinct.

You bring the fluid back to Another World and save Kid. Kid thanks you for saving her. Then you meet the "Dragon Sorceress" Steena in the village and know more about the 6 "Dragon Gods" and the 6 elements. She also mentions that the "Dragon's Tear" which is originally kept by her was stolen sometime ago.

Part V - Following Yamaneco

After that you leave the village and go back to the Serpent Castle hoping to find Yamaneco, but he's not there. Some people tell you that Yamaneco and Serpent Master have gone to "Dragon Castle" and so you decide to go there also.

You board the ship borrowed from Korcha and try to go to the castle, but in the middle you are trapped inside the mist and there you encounter the mysterious "Ghost Ship". There you meet the sea captain Farga and his men who are also looking for Yamaneco for some revenges. Then suddenly some ghosts attack the ship but your party and the sea captain defeat them all.

Finally you arrive at the castle, but you find that the entrance is blocked by a large lava area. You are told that you need an Ice Orb from the "Water Dragon" which can be used to cool the area down. You go to the Water Dragon Island, but the faries there tell you that the entrance to the Water Dragon cave is blocked by a thick permanent ice layer which is unbreakable. Then you use the magical bag to go back to the Home World, and then to the Water Dragon Island of this world. However when you arrive, you find that many faries were killed or injured by the dwarves you encountered in the Bitora's swamp. You go inside and defeat them again. You tell them that there are still some baby Bitoras living in the swamp and finally they go back to the swamp to rebuild their home. You then see the Water Dragon and it gives you the Ice Orb.

Part VI - Dragon Castle

You come back to the Dragon Castle again with the orb and successfully go inside. You then come to the top part, and then you notice that it's the place you've been to in the first dream. You enter the main hall and there you see Serpent Master and Yamaneco. You notice that Yamaneco is holding the Dragon's Tear which was mistaken to be the Frozen Flame. Then there is a battle between you and Serpent Master. In the middle of the battle, Yamaneco suddenly backstabs Serpent Master, saying that Serpent Master is no longer of any use, and then Serpent Master falls down. Then Yamaneco puts the Dragon's Tear on the altar in the center of the room and then he fights againt you. You defeat him, and Kid is trying to kill him, but then he says that he and you are connected in some ways that if you kill him, you will also kill yourself. Then suddenly the Dragon's Tear flashes and breaks apart, and then you begin to feel pains...

After a short while, you find that you become Yamaneco! Kid and your companions don't know that and they attack you. You are defeated, and Kid walks near and tries to give you a final blow. Yamaneco which now has your appearance asks Kid to act faster to have a revenge for her sister's death. Then Kid stops and knows that there must be something wrong with Serge (now Yamaneco) because she has never told Serge that her sister Lucca was killed by Yamaneco! She begins to wonder if what now looks like Serge is actually Yamaneco, but before she gets the answer, Yamaneco pierces her with a knife, and the she falls down. Seeing the whole incident, you can do nothing about it since you are seriously injured. Then Yamaneco walks near you and tries to kill you, but all of a sudden you are teleported away by some means...

Part VII - Switched Identity

You wake up, finding that you are in another unknown place. You wander around, and you meet a goblin who tells you that this place is a gap among the planes. You both walk out of this place, and then you enter a room where you meet the jester Tukuyomi again. They join your side and bring you out of this plane gap.

You return to the Home World in the Bitora's swamp. You try the magical bag on the beach hoping to go back to Another World to stop Yamaneco, but this time it fails to teleport you . Tukuyomi says that the side effect of the Dragon's Tear transformation has closed the connection between the 2 worlds temporarily, and won't be back for a while. You then go back to your home village, and as you can expect, no one can reconize you and all treat you as the real Yamaneco who they hate. You see your mother and after some explanations, she trusts you to be her son. The village elder Radius suddenly comes and attacks you, but after some explainations he begins to trust you as well and joins your side. He says that he is in fact one of "The Four Knights" of Serpent Castle who has retired. He heard that Serpent Master and some of his followers in this world who are all his friends went to the "Dead Sea" searching for the Frozen Flame some years ago and never came back and now he wants to investigate this matter. Your mother then says that your father also went to the Dead Sea 14 years ago for a cure of your disease caused by some evil monsters, and he never came back again.

You go to the town next to Serpent Castle in this world, and everyone treats you as the real Yamaneco, including Ishito, the commander of a nearby country's army. Ishito joins you and says that he is also investigating the disappearing of Serpent Master, and the Frozen Flame also. You go to the Serpent Castle, but it's already deserted.

Part VIII - Finding the Gateway

With some hints you know that you need an item which is kept by the clan master of the Black Dragon village in oder to open a gateway to the sealed Dead Sea. You go to that village, only to find that the whole village is occupied by some dream monsters. You hear from some adventurers that the clan master and some remaining villagers have moved to the casino ship nearby. You board the ship and finally find the clan master, and after a fight he gives you the item that you need.

With the item you successfully enter the Dead Sea, but in front of the entrance, you find the Evil Sword with its aura which is blocking you way. Radius says that the Hold Sword is needed to counter its effect, and can be found on the Dead Island.

You go to the Dead Island, and in front of a cliff you find the Holy Sword, but before you can reach the sword the ghost of Leon suddenly appears. Radius then tells you that Leon is in fact another member of "The Four Knight" and is one of his best friend. Some years ago they went to a cave and tried to get the Evil Sword. Radius was controlled by its evil aura and he killed Leon unintentionally. He feels deeply sorry for that. Finally they defeat the ghost to get the Holy Sword. He just hopes that Leon's spirit can finally rest in peace.

Part IX - History of Future

You go back to the Dead Sea with the Holy Sword, and successfully destroy the Evil Sword. You enter the inner part of the Dead Sea, and find that it's a site of ruins. As you walk deeper and deeper, you finally know that it is in fact the ruin of a future city!

In the center of this place, you find a high-tech tower of a research center of some kind. There you find some remains and ghosts, and after all the findings in the Dead Sea and this tower, you know more about the past and the future.

Millions years ago the gigantic alien creature Lavos fell from the space to Earth and its fall caused the extinction of some species, including "Dinosaur Men" which was once to be a highly civilized species. It is suspected that human was not formed by natural evolution but in fact it's the radiation of Lavos that caused the mutation of creatures which speeded up the evolution process to form mankind. After the appearance of mankind, they became the ruler of the world. In the legend there was once an ancient super civilization of mankind known as "Magic Kingdom" with very high achievements in magics. However it suddenly disappeared in some unknown ways.

Lavos was hiding underground and had been in a sleeping state for a very long period time, until the future year AD 1999 (also known as "Doom's Day") when it comes up and destroy everything on Earth. You suspect that it's also the cause of the ruins that you saw here.

You go further inward, and finally come to a place where you see Serpent Master and his followers. They became frozen in the flow of time. There is a plane wormhole in front, so you move your step forward...

Part X - Dead Sea

After passing through the wormhole, you come to a place with an environment that looks somewhat different with other parts of the Dead Sea. There you find 3 children playing, and when they see you, they begin to scold you. They claim that you are the one who caused all the ruins and tragedies here, and you are the killer of time and fate. After that a man appears...

He introduces himself, and you know that he is the father of Lena who came to this place with your father 14 years ago. He says that this place is the center of Dead Sea and he has been here waiting for you to come. Because of a disease infected to you by some evil monsters, your father together with Lena's father brought you to Dead Sea in search of a way to cure you disease. They found a place that looked like a research center of some kind, but it appeared deserted. Suddenly a voice of some kind attracted your father's attention, and then he went inside. Your father was never seen since then. After a short while an explosion occured...

Lena's father tells you more about the present Dead Sea. 14 years ago, Dead Sea was not a place that looks like what you see now. The present Dead Sea was formed after the incident mentioned above. After that, there is nothing but ruins here. It's a graveyard of time and space, and is somehow connected with all the tragedies in the past, present and future. Lena's father survived in the explosion occured 14 years ago, but he was trapped here and he has never changed or aged in this period of 14 years.

He says that the incident happened 14 years ago was the cause of all these things, and you were the one who triggered it. He gave you two choices; one is to stay here forever and let all the happenings rest in peace, and the other is to leave this place and then Dead Sea will disappear, and you will need to walk a new path to create your own future, but more incidents, tragic or not will happen because of your existence. You choose the second one, and he has no choice but to fight against you. Finally he is defeated. The destruction of Dead Sea begins and you try to leave immediately...

Part XI - Evil Serge

You are saved by the Sky Dragon, and you are now back to Another World. It says that if you want to change the world, you have to visit "Court of God", but before you have the right to enter that place, you have to show your talents by defeating all 6 Dragon Gods and get 6 "Symbol of Dragon God" in order to enter.

You go back to your "home village", but you find that the whole place is almost deserted. From the words of the remaining few villagers, you know that Yamaneco (now known by others to be Serge) is doing all the evil things around. In oder to stop this evil "Serge", you decide to move northward.

In the town next to Serpent Castle, you find Karsh and Zoah who are the existing members of "The Four Knights" and you have encountered them before several times. Even though you now have the appearance of Yamaneco, they know you are actually Serge. They tell you that they found the injured Serpent Master in the Dragon Castle and know all the things happened there. He then gave you the "Broken Dragon's Tear of Hate" they found there. Serpent Master was then moved to a safe place to recover, but now the Serpent Castle is occupied by the army of a nearby country, and the daughter of Serpent Master is captured inside. They then join you (in the mean time either one of them will actually come with you depending on your choice), and want you to rescue her.

Part XII - Kid and Tukuyomi

You go inside Serpent Castle, and successfully rescue Serpent Master's daughter without much problem. During the rescue you also save the sea captain Farga you encountered before who has been captured here also.

You then go to the island where the Serpent Master and all other remaining followers are hiding. While you are talking with them inside the room, suddenly an explosion occurs outside. You go out, and find the evil "Serge" Yamaneco and Kid! Yamaneco says his men have surrounded the whole island and you guys have no way to escape. Kid then runs towards you and trys to kill you. You just dodge her attacks without the intention to hurt her in any ways. Tukuyomi then pushes you and asks you why you didn't fight back in such a dangerous situation. Just before Yamaneco and his men catch you, Farga and his flying beast come from the sky and rescue all of you.

You guys then board the ship of Farga "The Invincible". After some talkings with Farga and Serpent Master, they and their followers agree to join you to fight against Yamaneco. You then go to the "Court of God" and see what you can do there, but you find that there is no entrance. Then Tukuyomi explains everything to you. The place you are in is not the real "Court of God". It is in fact located at the place of the already disappeared Dead Sea. She then says that apart from the 6 Symbol of Dragon God, you need to get your original self back before you can enter the place. Before she ends the talk, she asks you if you think she or the world is more imporant to you.

You then continue the adventure, and Tukuyomi chooses to stay on the ship. She recalls all the things you two have encountered, and tears drop from her eyes. Suddenly Star Child (it's a teammate from the outerspace that you may find in your previous adventure. I'm not sure if he is the only person that will appear in this event, but I've played twice and he is the one in both cases) comes and ask her why water came out from her eyes. She explains to Star Child that this is tear, and is the reflection of human's emotions. Star Child doesn't seem to understand since he came from the outerspace and knew little about mankind.

Part XIII - Dragon Gods

You go to every corners of the worlds to find the 6 Dragon Gods, and with all your efforts, you manage to defeat Water, Fire, Yellow, Green and Black dragons and get their symbols. Finally you come to the Sky Dragon Island to confront the last Dragon God. After a fierce battle between you and Sky Dragon, you get all the 6 Symbol of Dragon God. However, in oder to enter "Court of God" you still need to get your original self back.

You know that you need Dragon's Tear to enter Dragon Castle to get your original self back, but the Dragon Tear in this world has already broken, so you decide to go back to Home World to get another Dragon's Tear. You go to Korcha's village and try to ask the Steena in Home World to get the Dragon's Tear, but before you can enter the temple, a strong man stops you saying that you are not allowed to enter. You then go back to Another World and the Steena there gives you "Symbol of The Descendant of Dragon". With this, you are allowed to enter the temple in Home World. You meet the Steena there, and she joins you with her Dragon's Tear.

Part XIV - Return of Self

You enter the Dragon Castle in Home World, and in the middle Yamaneco appears and trys to stop you, but at last he is defeated and then he escapes. Finally you stop in front of the main hall. Steena asks you enter the hall alone, and so you go inside with the rest of your team waiting outside.

You place the Dragon Tear on the altar, and then you see a slide show of some kind on the walls around about the history of Earth.

Around 4.5 billion years ago, Earth was born. Basic life forms then appeared in the oceans 1 billion years ago. The evolution of creatures began and some of them started to move from the oceans to the land. Over 65 millions years ago "Dinosaur Men" appeared in the process of evolution. They formed civilizations of their own and became the ruler of the world, until one day when the gigantic alien creature Lavos came from the outerspace to Earth. Its appearance caused the rapid changes of environment which then caused the extinction of many species, including Dinosaur Men. However its radiation caused mutation to many creatures which actually speeded up the evolution process. Then ancestors of mankind found the Frozen Flame, and finally human appeared and became the new ruler. Once upon a time there was a highly civilized country known as "Magic Kingdom" with advanced achievements in magics, but at last the whole civilization disappeared suddenly.

After the long slide show, the transformation begins. You feel the pains again like your previous transformation, and appear to enter the time tunnel of some kind. After this painful process, you wake up and find that you get your real self back. You are the real Serge again.

Part XV - Court of God

You pick up the "Broken Dragon's Tear of Love", and leave the hall. Your companions celebrate your "return". Now you have all you need, and it's time to enter the "Court of God". You go back to Home World, and then to the site of the previous Dead Sea. Upon entering, the 6 "Symbol of Dragon God" flash and fly high into the sky. The real entrance opens in front of you and then you enter the real "Court of God".

In this large sea area you find 3 islands with a temple on each of them representing "Past", "Present", and "Future" respectively. You defeat the spirits of some kind in the temples and finally the seal is broken and in the center of this area you find the future base, "Chrono Police".

Part XVI - Chrono Police I

Chrono Police looks somewhat like the high-tech tower you saw in Dead Sea, but unlike the high-tech center which was abandoned, this place looks new and you see some shadowy figures of researchers and scientists moving around. There are many laboratories and computers inside, and among them you know much more about the history and the future, and many previous mysteries are now revealed.

Lavos, the gigantic alien creature came millions years ago and had been sleeping underground for a very long time, until the year AD 1999 "Doom's Day" when it awoke and began its ultimate destruction. Knowing the future of the world where everything is destroyed, a group of young adventurers from another dimension come and defeat Lavos completely. The history is changed, and everything goes well in the years afterward. It is also suspected that before Doom's Day, Lavos appeared once in the ancient time of the super civilization, Magic Kingdom "Zeal", and the contact between Lavos and the civilization caused both of them to disappear. However there is no concrete evidence for this since Zeal only exists in lengend.

Dinosaur Men is an intelligent species which existed before Lavos came to Earth. They formed their own civilizations until the day when Lavos came and caused the rapid change of environment which caused the extinction of Dinosaur Men. However, it is suspected that Dinosaur Men may still exist in other dimensions.

Chrono Police is a future base in the age of 2400 AD. There are many facilities inside, and among them is the super main-frame computer, "Fate". With the powers of "Tome of Fate" (the green tetrahedron-like things) and most importantly, the legendary "Frozen Flame" as well, Fate is able to control everything in the past, present and future. To achieve this, it splits the "elemental energy and guardian" of the worlds into pieces (Dragon Gods) and seals them in some ways that their activities are restricted to the minimum. It also governs and monitors everything in the 2 worlds, in which in the past things that happened in these worlds were very similar. In short, Fate plays the God.

Part XVII - Chrono Police II

Everything is under the control of Fate, until the time when the night of the turning point came...

After you touched Frozen Flame on that night, "Time Crush" occured and the flow of time was messed up. The time line was broken and the "time explosion" blew some fragments of time from the future to the past, and vice versa. Fate was unable to operate properly, and almost lost the contacts and connections with the 2 worlds. The moment before the connections were lost, they sent Lena's father to Dead Sea and made him stay there forever so that Fate could still have a connection of some kind with the worlds, but still it was unable to control them like before. The fates of the 2 worlds were no longer related in any ways, and during this period of 14 years, things in these worlds have been going on independently so that now the 2 worlds looks more different than before.

"Fate" is not the only thing that was affected by the incident 14 years ago. Because of this incident, the flow of time was damaged and broken so that some of the things that had already happended in the past or future were exposed to new possibilities. Lavos which has been defeated now has a chance to exist again!

You also find other interesting info inside Chrono Police. For example, lives and DNA can be considered as some kinds of rhythms and if properly interacted with the 6 elements and a mysterious substance called "Chrono Cross", some unexpected effects can be produced (this is an important info for the final part of the game). You also find some computer records about a group of people called "Radical Dreamers". In these records there are descriptions of 3 persons with names as Serge, Kid and Gill! Since the descriptions of Serge and Kid in these notes are nothing like those you knew in the past, you begin to wonder if there are more than 2 worlds in this Universe...

Part XVIII - Chrono Trigger

From computer records, you notice that 2 persons just came here and went to the room of computer Fate, and you suspect that they are Yamaneco and Kid. You arrive at the basement of this construction, and finally stop in front of a huge room with some big words "Project Kid" displayed above. You see a palm-reading machine of some kind in front of the entrance, and so you place your palm on, and after some scannings, the machine responds that your DNA pattern completely matches the one stored in the computer, and you who is called by the machine as "Flame Regulator" are allowed to enter the room. Then the door opens, and you hear a machine voice of "Welcome back, Chrono Trigger" from around.

Inside the room you see a big globe-like machine, and above the globe is the real Frozen Flame. Yamaneco with his original appearance and Kid stand in front of you. Kid seems to be charmed and controlled in some ways, and after a while she falls unconscious. Yamaneco then tells you all the things about the incident happened 14 years ago and the computer Fate.

14 years ago, Lena's father and your father carrying you came here in search of a way to cure your disease. Your father and you went inside, but suddenly the powering system was distorted by some unknown means and Fate had been shut down for 10 minutes. The security system of Fate was also down in this period of time, and attracted by some unknown means, you walked inside the room and touched the Frozen Flame. This is the cause of "Time Crush", the birth of Dead Sea and all the things related. After the 10 minutes of down time, the power was back and the security system began to run again. However the system then considered you to be the new "Flame Regulator", master of Frozen Flame, who was originally Fate. Because of this, the previous link between Fate and Frozen Flame was broken and Fate was unable to operate to control the fates of the worlds.

Part XIX - Yamaneco and Fate

Fate is developed (in the future) by some of the top scientists in the world, and among them is Lucca, Kid's sister. As time goes by, there are conflicts and quarrels among the scientists. Some want to use Fate to control the worlds, while the others like Lucca pefer to use it to help the world instead of controlling it. Unfortunately Lucca is on the minor side and finally Fate is still used in the ways you have known. Some scientists even transfer their minds and thoughts to the machine so that Fate can have its own intelligence. Lucca knows that she is unable to stop the machine by herself. However, she implements the security system "Prometheus" for Fate, hoping one day it can operate and break the link between Fate and Frozen Flame. When you touched Frozen Flame, this system was activated and closed the connection between Fate and the Flame.

(Note: Prometheus is a Titan existed in Greek mythology who stole fire from heaven for mankind and as a punishment was chained to a rock, where an eagle daily devoured his liver, which was made whole again at night.)

In order to re-establish the link of Flame, Fate decided to send "someone" to find you. It then created a material figure which is Yamaneco, and shaped itself with the appearance of a panther (this is the thing you were afraid of in your childhood). He has been searching for you until recently when he copied your appearance, and now he has to defeat you here.

After a fierce battle, Yamaneco is finally defeated. With the fall of Yamaneco, the consciousness of Fate becomes dead. Then Tukuyomi appears, and at the same time Kid wakes up from unconsciousness and tries to touch the Frozen Flame. Tukuyomi tries to stop her but it's too late. Frozen Flame is touched and finally, Fate is finished and stopped forever.

Being sealed by Fate for a very long time, now that Fate has stopped functioning, Dragon Gods awake completely, and now they want a revenge on Fate and Chrono Police. The 6 Dragon Gods are flying towards Chrono Police, preparing for an attack against it. Suddenly Tukuyomi blinks her eyes and then you notice something strange among the dragons. They move towards each other, and seem to be doing a transformation of some kind. After a strong flash, they combine to form one huge monster but instead of attacking Chrono Police, it flies away. Tukuyomi then says bye to you and disappears. After a while the earth quakes and when you look outside you see "Tower of Star", a huge tower-like structure rising up from the sea.

Part XX - Kid's Past

You bring Kid to a resting place, but she remains in a sleeping state. Radius says that her mind has been sealed by an incident in the past and you have to go back to that time to set her free. Suddenly your Holy Sword shakes and says that it can bring you there (Holy Sword can be found in your previous adventure. Note that this is not the one you found in Dead Island. I've heard that you can also use "Egg of Time" instead of Holy Sword here, but it's an object that can only be found in the very late part of the game so Holy Sword should be a better choice). You then begin your "mind adventure".

You come to a house which is engulfed in flames, and you see some fire monsters around. You defeat all of them as well as saving some children from the fire. Around the place you see some drawings of Kid's sister Lucca, so you know that this is Lucca's house where Kid lived in her childhood. Inside the last room you find the child Kid as well as the glasses of Lucca. Then you see Yamaneco together with Tukuyomi standing in front of the window.

You bring Kid out of the fire. It's in the midnight. The sky is dark but you can still see the burning houses far away. Kid looks very sad and feels lonely because her only relative Lucca has died. Kid asks you to stay with him, but you says you have to go (so perhaps you did appear in Kid's past, but in such a dark environment she couldn't remember your face at that time).

Finally Kid wakes up from her sleeping mind. Then there is a letter from the Serpent Castle's scientist Lutianna asking Kid to go to her room. When she arrives, Lutianna gives her a letter from Lucca saying that it's the right time to read it.

In the letter Lucca said that when this letter was opened, probably she had already been caught or killed. She said that Kid was indeed not her real younger sister. Instead Kid was just one of the orphans that she took in. Even though they were not real sisters, Lucca always considered Kid to be her best friend. She was one of the members in the adventure party which defeated Lavos, but because of the "Time Crush", she came from the future to this age. She said that Kid was too boyish and should behave like a girl more. Finally she wished Kid could live in the way she loved and formed a happy family.

Before you and Kid leave, Lutianna tells you that Lucca is also her friend and colleague who worked together in the past.

Part XXI - Chrono Cross

With all the info you collected, you know that you need something called "Chrono Cross" in your adventure. From the words of Steena you know that there is a hidden place "Waterfall of the Dragon" with the dragon temple inside. You go there and find 2 altars. Steena asks you to place "Broken Dragon's Tear of Hate" and "Broken Dragon's Tear of Love" on them. You place them on the altars and after some flases and transformations, you finally get the lost 7th element, Chrono Cross!

You want to go to "Tower of Star", but it's too tall to be reached by any kinds of transports you currently have. Then you hear a piece of news about the strange light in "Sea of The Three Moons". You go there, and at the bottom of the sea you find a UFO. Star Child says that this is a fallen space shuttle of their people. With some materials found in this shuttle and Chrono Police, he makes a "anti-gravity engine" which is then put into a normal sea boat, and now you have a "flying boat" that can bring you to the tower!

Part XXII - Tower of Star

You enter "Tower of Star". As you go further inward, you find that this is the ruin of the ancient Dinosaur Men. Sometimes you can hear the cries of their souls.

Suddenly you come to a place that look like the Serpent Castle. You go the eastern tower, and there you see the 3 children you met in Dead Sea, and someone like the old man in the real Serpent Castle. You talk to the old man, and he tells you that he is the "Prophet of Time" from the legendary ancient civilization Magic Kingdom Zeal! The moment before his country was destroyed by Lavos, he and some of the people escaped and were teleported to another dimension. He has been here waiting for you, "Chrono Trigger" to come.

Then he tells you something about the Dragon Gods. Once upon a time something from the outer dimension came and became the elemental energy and guardian of the worlds. They took the shapes of 6 different dragons, but indeed they are not its real form. He then says that there is in fact a 7th dragon, "Lunar Dragon". With the long period of time interacting with the human culture, it took the shape of a human girl... which is Tukuyomi! He also tells you that the civilization of Dinosaur Men in this tower was in fact terminated by the attack of Chrono Police from the future.

On the top floor, you see the real Frozen Flame. You touch it, but you are pushed back with a strong flash. Then the "combined-dragon-gods" comes. It says that mankind is greedy and aggressive, and they evolve by sacrificing the other lives and worlds. Then there is a battle between you and it.

Finally the creature is defeated and flies away. Prophet of Time then comes and tells you that neither it nor the Dragon Gods is the real form. The real form of this creature is still in the dimension where it came from. He also says the Frozen-Flame-like thing you saw here is indeed "Shining Flame", the real form of Frozen Flame which is part of the alien creature Lavos and is linked with Frozen Flame to form a pair.

Now that the extra-planar creature is defeated, the creature itself and the souls of Dinosaur Men are freed. The only problem left is the reborn Lavos, which has been evolving to a "Time-Eating Monster" in which when it is fully evolved it will feed on time and space, until everything returns to void. You have to go to the dark side of time and defeat it to save the Universe. Prophet of Time then gives you "Egg of Time" which can bring you to its place.

After you leave the tower, you see the tower transforming and finally it becomes the new "Tower of Star - Rebirth". Now that "Fate" is dead, you have to walk your own path and create your own future. Now you have to defeat the reborn Lavos to set the world free.

Part XXIII - Millennium Queen I

You go to the beach, "the place which confuses even the Angels and where everything begins and ends". When you arrive, you see the 3 children again. They then reveal the last mysteries of the story.

What was the beginning of the story? Was it the past that you were drowned at 10, or the incident that you were attacked by the evil monsters and had a contact with Fate in Chrono Police and caused the Time Crush which blew Chrono Police from the AD 2400 future to the ancient time, or the time when the ancient Magic Kingdom Zeal was destroyed by Lavos in BC 12000? All of them are near the right answer, but still far away from the truth...

The real beginning is the moment when Queen Sarah of Magic Kingdom who had fallen to the Vortex of Dimension during the destruction of Magic Kingdom heard your cries and pains. It's the moment that connects everything in the story, from the crossings of past and future, to the splitting of a single world into two. She traveled past thousands of years and came to this dimension because of you. The process stired up a super magnetic storm which stopped the machine Fate and so you touched the Frozen Flame. Before she disappeared, part of her consciousness settled down in this world and became a normal human girl holding the ancient mysterious pendant... who is Kid!

So there is "Project Kid", the time-controlling project by Prophet of Time in which EVERYTHING from the setup of Chrono Police, Time Crush, to the battle of Fate against Dragon Gods, is planned for this present moment in which you stand here holding the Chrono Cross! Of course Kid herself knew nothing about the whole project. At the end of all these plannings, Kid went back to the past and saved you from drowning 10 years ago (this is probably the scene of Kid on the beach that you have seen several times in the game) and finally you were summoned from the beach where you and Lena were on to this dimension...

Part XXIV - Millennium Queen II

10 years ago, in "the place which confuses even the Angels"... it's true that you were drowned. The fact is that the "you" who existed in that world is just an irregular fake (unlike all other people in these worlds, there is ONLY ONE Serge and ONE Kid)! The one who made the illusion that you were killed on that beach 10 years ago was Yamaneco! In order to overcome the "Flame-guarding" system Prometheus, Fate with the link to the Flame broken had to eliminate all the hindrances and enemies, and so Tukuyomi who had had contacts with Fate and Yamaneco who was part of the Fate system formed a temporary alliance. Lucca, the one who could unlock Prometheus was then caught, but at last the plan resulted in failure. He had no choice but to wait for your coming. After all, Fate knew your plan to travel beyond the dimensions to touch Frozen Flame.

Yamaneco is in fact your father! Because of the horrors in his heart, he who was near the Flame began to transform to the image of the thing that you are very afraid of (panther). His spirit was completely corroded, and finally he lost his own self and became one with Fate. Human is such a kind of incomplete creature which is always affected by emotions and others. Perhaps Fate with the link to Flame saw the dream of the rebirth of itself to a new creature, but unfortunately, when you had your eyes on the Frozen Flame, the Flame had already had a close watch on you...

Lavos has returned, and having absorbed the real self of Queen Sarah, it is now evolving to a Time-Eating Monster! When the evolution is complete, it will begin eating time and space and turn everything to void! Prophet of Time knew this future, and to prevent it from happening, he created "Chrono Cross", the ultimate element in which if it is properly interacted with all 6 elements, the "Song of Life" can be produced which can reach the hearts of every single life form and save the Universe.

Finally, in order to save the captured Queen Sarah and the whole Universe, with the Egg of Time in your hands, you go past the dimensions and meet your final enemy - the Time-Eating Monster, reborn Lavos.

Part XXV - Time-Eating Monster

You see the reborn Lavos, with Sarah captured inside. The final battle then begins. Since you don't want to hurt Sarah, you can't cause much harm to it. Then you remember the things you knew at Chrono Police and from the words of the 3 children, you think that the "Song of Life" may save Sarah and defeat this monster. You use the 6 elements in a certain order (I think I'd better keep this order a secret so that you can try finding the answer in the game, but if you really want the answer, email me) and finally Chrono Cross. Then something happens. You hear some beautiful rhythms and musics from everywhere, and you see Lavos decomposing, and then Sarah comes down from the top. Finally, her eyes open...

(Note: If you defeat Lavos by force, you can't save Sarah and you will miss the real ending.)

Part XXVI - Ending I

I've been waiting...
for this moment...

Lives that are lost in the meaningless hurts...
Words that are lost...
Memories that are buried...
The sea of cells that is released...
The echo of consciousness that is dissolved...
Hate that comes because of love...
Love that comes because of hate...
For what reasons are there births,
and what reasons are there deaths?

From the hurting and killing of each other...
from the competition of survival,
is it something that is gained as a result of these?

An "egg" that is called planet,
and the one that exists among the countless "seeds" called lives,
when they combine, a new universe is born.
Until then, the billions years of ages,
the countless births and deaths of lives...
all of these are just for the coming of this moment.

Part XXVII - Ending II

For the sake of evolution of universe to a new dimension...
for the birth of the single life that is combined with the planet,
are the births and deaths of all other lives just sacrifices?

No. This is wrong.
All lives have their own chances.
"You" may not be the only one that can combine with the planet.
Lives that do their best out of all the limited conditions like inheritance and environment and become complete is the golden key to a new universe.
Missing any of these, "future" will not exist.
No lives in the world should be wasted or sacrificed.
From all creation and everything, the dream of "life" may be seen.
So, all of these may just be a dream...
Ah, almost all the dreams have returned, haven't they...
to the sea of dreams...

Part XXVIII - Ending III

Go, Serge...!!
It's already alright.
The scattered time now becomes one again.
It's time to leave...
You will lose the memories of this adventure and return to your own time.
This time, you will live in your own life.

Surely, we can't solve all the mysteries in the world and overcome all the miseries.
But, even so...
I feel delighted to meet you.
Thank you for saving me.
so here...
we will meet again.
Someday, we will...
No matter what age and world you will live in,
come and meet...

We will...
We will really meet.

You wake up, and find that you are back to the beach with Lena beside you. She asks you what has happened, and you tell your whole adventure to her. She doesn't know what you're talking about, and says you must be dreaming. You are back to your home world, and live in a normal life again. However, you know that you will never forget your cross-dimension adventure...

Part XXIX - Radical Dreamers

In this way, one story finally comes to an end.
After this long period of time has elapsed inside a blink of dream...
things that remain are just my memories...

However, one day you and me will meet again...
in another place, at another time...
It is not sure if we will still be able to recognize each other or not, though...

Open the unknown door,
meet one more reality,
and live one more today.
Although the story has ended, life still continues.

So, until that time has come...

Sarah Kid Zeal

Then you see the ending movie coupling with the beautiful song "Radical Dreamers". In the movie you see some CG animations of your past events, as well as some real-world scenes of a girl (Sarah?). In the last few scenes you see the back of that girl and she is standing inside a crowd, holding a necklace that resembles the one of Kid. Then she turns her head back...

To come and meet,
search over the world...
One day, we will...
we will...

On a familiar beach, you find a familiar girl...


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