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Super Robot World SDK Role-Playing Game Director

Ever imagined that you can create your own robot-based SLG game? With this Super Robot World SDK, you can easily create a game like my Super Robot World, and you don't even need to know a bit about programming! Let your imagination run wild!

Download SRW SDK version 0.82 (453 KB)!

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Super Robot World SDK Version History

Version 0.82

Version 0.81

Version 0.80

Version 0.70

Version 0.63

Version 0.62

Version 0.61

Version 0.60

Version 0.53

Version 0.52

Version 0.51

Read "sdk_history.txt" included in the zip for the complete history of updates.

System Requirements

Recommended Settings

How to use the SDK?

FIRST OF ALL, unzip the downloaded "" to a directory of your choice and the required directory structure will be automatically created.

After installing the files, follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. Create a directory named by yourself under the "scenario" directory.
  2. Create a robot list using "robot_editor.htm".
  3. Create a pilot list using "pilot_editor.htm".
  4. Create an event list using "event_editor.htm".
  5. Create a map. Currently there is no map editor available, so you need to create the map manually. Follow the procedures shown below.
    1. Create a map image. You can use any image as the map, but have an idea in mind that each map square is 32x32 in size. After the image is created, save it as "map.jpg" and put in inside your scenario folder.
      You can click here to see an example of map image(size 15 squares x 20 squares).
    2. Define the terrain array. You need to assign a terrain type to each map square for the map to work properly. Now open any one of the "map.html" in the scenario folders inside SDK with Notepad. Delete the array inside and use the resulting page as a template. Define the terrain array by adding the following line inside the BODY of the document.

      [x1, x2, x3, ....xn]

      x1 to xn are numbers representing the terrain types. If there are n squares in x dimension, then there will be n numbers in each line. If there are n squares in y dimension, then there will be n lines totally. Start defining the arrays at coordinate (0,0), from left to right, top to bottom(consider that the top-left square of the map to be coordinate (0,0)). Currently the terrain types are assigned in this way.
      • 0: Rough Land
      • 1: Lake (underwater)
      • 2: Desert
      • 3: Desert Hills
      • 4: Hills
      • 5: Mountains
      • 6: Fire Mountains (volcano)
      • 7: Base
      • 8: Crater
      • 9: Space
      • 10: Asteroids
      • 11: Planet Earth
      • 12: Forest
      • 13: Wall
      • 14: Wall (Space)
      Note: Terrains 9,10,11,14 are for "Space" terrain type setting (configured in the Options part of Event Editor). Others are for "Land/Air".

      Example: The following array represents a 3x3 "Rough Land" with a "Desert" in the center.


      After the array is defined, save the text file as "map.html" and put it into your scenarion folder.
  6. Open "scenario.html" with Notepad. For EVERY episode in your scenario, add an entry inside the BODY of the document, in the following format.

    ["Path name of the relative scenario directory/", "Episode name", "Episode number"]
    Example: ["crater/", "~ The Crater ~", "1"]

    If you want another name to be displayed on the scenario menu which is DIFFERENT from that of the episode(for example, you want to make a scenario series named "One-Winged Angel" but its first episode is named "The Crater"), you can use "|" to separate them.

    Example: ["crater/", "~One-Winged Angel~|~ The Crater ~", "1"]

    If you want to create a "hidden" episode that can't be selected from the scenario menu (likely when you are making the second or later episodes in a scenario series), you can add a third parameter to the above command.

    Example: ["crater/", "~ The Crater ~", "1", true]
  7. OPTIONAL: You may also customize the startup screen by modifying "startup.html" with your own HTML codes.
  8. Open "index.html", and START PLAYING YOUR GAME!!!

    NOTE: If you want to play your game on your computer, your need to have installed just like when you are playing the offline version of "Super Robot World". Please go back to SRW Preparation Room and follow the instructions for offline playing.

How to publish my game online?

After hours of hard works, it's time for you to publish your game online so that everyone can play it. There are two ways you can accomplish it.

Online method (standard)

By using this method, the players can play the game completely online without downloading anything beforehand. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Upload all files in folder "c:\srw_pc\" to your site, using the same folder structure.
  2. Upload "index.htm" and all other folders in the SDK folder to your site. Make sure that you are using the same folder structure as that of the SDK and these files are not messed up with those in "c:\srw_pc\".
  3. Open "index.htm" with a text editor. On the first few lines, you can find the following URL string.


    Replace it with the path of the location where you store the files in "c:\srw_pc\". The path can be absolute (eg. ) or relative (eg. core/ ).
  4. Put a link to "index.htm" on your page and your game is ready!

Partial-offline or offline method

By using this method, the players can play the game partially offline by downloading some commonly accessed files beforehand to their computers. The game can even be played completely offline by offering all necessary files for download.

  1. Compress all files in folder "c:\srw_pc\", using the same folder structure as a ZIP file.
  2. Partial-offline: Upload "index.htm" and all other folders in the SDK folder to your site. Make sure that you are using the same folder structure as that of the SDK.
    Offline: Compress all files in the SDK folder, using the same folder structure as a ZIP file.
  3. Partial-offline: Add the link "index.htm?file://c:/srw_pc/" to your page and your game is ready!
    Offline: Include the two ZIPs for download and your game is ready!

NOTE: Make sure you provide enough instructions on your page to tell the players how they should download and unzip the files to play the game.

Any questions or problems regarding the use of SDK? Join the discussion at our SRW SDK Forum! You are also more than welcome to post links to your finished games and share them with everyone!

If you are not familiar with the terms used in this game, take a look at the Super Robot World Glossary.

Any questions or problems regarding the use of SDK? Join the discussion at our SRW SDK Forum!

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All game engines are copyright © 1997-2008 Butz Yung. All rights reserved.

No part of the code can be copied, distributed or modified without permission.

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