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Own a PlayStation Portable? Bring this interesting and useful little JavaScript game to your PSP! "Mai's Dreamland for PSP" is a mini RPG itself, but it also includes the functions of an OFFLINE portal with some useful applications (eg. address book, calculator, memo pad) and interesting mini games (eg. PSP Solitaire, MineSweeper, Sudoku / Number Place, Tetris). Apart from Mai, you may also use other characters such as Cloud (from "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children"), Kira (from "Gundam SEED Destiny") and Sousuke (from "Full Metal Panic"). Expand your PSP's horizons!

Download "Mai's Dreamland" 1.51 RELEASE (2.63 MB)!

Additionally, you can also download the following addon pack, which adds the following EXTRA features to the game!

Download Addon Pack version 2.6 (1.77 MB)!

Requirements Features
Installation Screen Shots History

System Requirements

NOTE: The latest version of PSP Firmware can be downloaded from either the "Network Update" function on your PSP, or the following Sony PSP websites.

OPTIONAL: Internet Explorer 7+ and Mozilla browser (eg. Firefox) on PC are supported for testing and demo purpose.


Installing "Mai's Dreamland for PSP"

To install and play this game on PSP, follow the instructions below.

  1. Unzip the downloaded files.
  2. Copy the unzipped "rpg" folder to your PSP Memory Stick under the /PSP/COMMON/ folder.
  3. Open PSP Internet Browser (Internet access is NOT required).
  4. Open "play.html" by typing the address in the address bar (eg. file:/psp/common/rpg/play.html).
  5. ENJOY!

Addon Pack: If you have downloaded the addon pack, unzip it and copy the unzipped "rpg_addon" folder to your PSP Memory Stick under the /PSP/COMMON/ folder (sitting side by side with the "rpg" folder).

"Quick Start" Mode: Instead of opening "play.html", you may choose to open "play_quick_start.html" if you want quicker and direct access to the applications and mini games in this portal. This is especially useful if you want a direct access to our popular PSP Solitaire. Note that some features may NOT be available in this "quick start" mode.

NOTE: If you have installed an old version of this portal, delete all files from the old version first before installing the new version.

For more details, please read "readme.txt" included in the ZIP file.

Screen Shots of "Mai's Dreamland"

NOTE: Click on the images for full-size previews.

Mai's home

Dialogue window

Mai inside dungeon

Many areas for exploration!

Fully-customizable house background!

Mine Sweeper

PSP Solitaire!

MORE Solitaire styles (FF12 Theme)!

Sudoku - a popular puzzle game!


Address Book

Task Manager

"FF7: Advent Children" Theme!



"Gundam SEED Destiny" Theme!



"Full Metal Panic" Theme!



"Mai's Dreamland" Version History

Version 1.51 RELEASE

Version 1.50 RELEASE

Version 1.41 RELEASE

Version 1.40 RELEASE

Version 1.30 RELEASE

Version 1.25 RELEASE

Version 1.2 RELEASE

Version 1.1 RELEASE

NOTE: Full update history can be found on the "readme.txt" file.

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No part of the code can be copied, distributed or modified without permission.

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