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Own a PlayStation Portable? Is your Memory Stick not big enough to store everything you want inside? How about if you can use your PSP to directly browse and access ANY media files on your PC? This is exactly what "PSP Remote Browser" is for. It's fast, simple, and FREE!

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Download & Install How to Use (PC) How to Use (PSP) Advanced Uses

System Requirements

NOTE: The latest version of PSP Firmware can be downloaded from either the "Network Update" function on your PSP, or the following Sony PSP websites.

"PSP Remote Browser" Features

"PSP Remote Browser" Screen Shots

NOTE: Click on the images for full-size previews.

PC: This is the property page of Xitami, the server software used to power "PSP Remote Browser".

PSP: This is the screen on the PSP side showing any files and folders of your choice inside your PC! You can customize its look by using a background image!

PSP: Don't like the default color scheme? There are other choices! The brightness of the image you use will be automatically adjusted to fit the background!

PSP: Or you may simply use a clean background? You can customize how the folder page looks in many ways you like!

PSP: Background image can be set to change randomly! Several default background images are provided, or you may simply use your own images!

PSP: Unlike other PSP streaming applications in which you need to do most of the works on PC beforehand, "PSP Remote Browser" allows you to do most RSS feed operations and other options remotely and directly on your PSP!

Download & Install "PSP Remote Browser"

First, you need to set up your PC as a home server. In this case, I choose "Xitami" as the server software. Why? It's FREE and extremely easy to use.

For Windows, just unzip it somewhere inside your PC, and it's all set and done. Yeah it's that SIMPLE!

Now, you need to download the actual "PSP Remote Browser" component for Xitami.

Unzip it somewhere, and copy the folders and files inside to your Xitami directory (version 2.5c2), as instructed below.

  1. Copy "psp_animetheme" and "psp_custom", and put it under "xitami-25\app\webpages" in Xitami.
  2. Copy "psp_templates", and put it under "xitami-25\app\templates" in Xitami.
  3. Copy "defaults.cfg", and put it under "xitami-25\app" in Xitami (note to existing Xitami users).

Everything is now ready. You can start using it for the first time.

How to Use (PC)

First, run "xigui32.exe" inside your Xitami directory. Your PC now acts as a home server.

Now you need to know the IP address of your computer so that you can remotely access the content of your computer. If you don't know your IP address, follow the steps below.

  1. Right-click on the Xitami icon on your taskbar, and choose "Properties". You can find the "IP address(es)" for your computer. IGNORE and the remaining IP address is the one you will use to access your computer.
  2. Now open "Internet Explorer" or any Internet browser on your computer, and type in the following address.
    • http://(Your IP address)
  3. If you can see a Web page, congratulations, your setup is fine and working! If not, check out Xitami online manual for solutions.
  4. Finally, enter the SAME address on your PSP Internet Broswer, and you should be able to see the same page.

Your home server is now ready for use! ANYTHING under the "webpages" folder in Xitami directory can be accessed on your PSP. Let's say you put a folder called "CD" there. You can access the content inside like this.

If you prefer not to move or change any of your existing folders, you can instruct Xitami to use specified addresses (alias) to point to ANY folders or files inside your computer. You need to edit "defaults.cfg" under the "app" folder in Xitami directory using a text editor for this purpose. For details, check here. The procedures are very simple.

How to Use (PSP)

First, make sure Xitami is now running on your PC.

Enter the correct address on your PSP Internet Browser (examples below), and you should be able to see the content inside.

Browse and access the content inside just like a normal Web page or file explorer. You can go to any subfolders within, and access any files.

"PSP Remote Browser" has an internal scrolling mechanism. Place the pointer on the top edge of the screen to scroll UP, or bottom edge of the screen to scroll DOWN. While scrolling, move the pointer to the left side to make scrolling FASTER, or right side to make scrolling SLOWER. Place the pointer on the top-left corner of the screen to scroll back to the page top immediately.

You can generate a RSS feed for the folder you are viewing. You can then subscribe the generated RSS feed with your PSP. Subscribing RSS instead of accessing them directly in browser can be useful for audio files (MP3, M4A), as they can be streamed and listened in real time without actually downloading the files, and you can use your PSP remote control to navigate.

When you click on any image file, the built-in "Remote Image Viewer" will load the requested image.

Advanced Uses

"PSP Remote Browser" Version History

Version 1.5

Version 1.0

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All game engines are copyright © 1997-2010 Butz Yung. All rights reserved.

No part of the code can be copied, distributed or modified without permission.

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