Miscellaneous Files

(BGM from FF8 "Waltz for the Moon")

Final Fantasy VIII: Accessories Wallpapers FMV

Welcome! Download some interesting FF8 stuff for your desktop! More to come!

FF8 Win95/98 Startup/Waiting/Shutdown screens!

Are you bored with the dull-looking solitare that you played in spare time? Then download this one with an interesting FF8 look!

DOWNLOAD FF8 Solitare(151 KB)!

(FF8 solitare courtesy of Marc Aarts)

A lot of you probably knows of the music player WinAmp, but do you know you can apply your own visual interface? Download these FF8 skins for your WinAmp player! To install, unzip the file in WinAmp's skin folder. In WinAmp you then choose "Options", and then "Select Skin".

DOWNLOAD FF8 WinAmp skin I (196 KB)!

DOWNLOAD FF8 WinAmp skin II (202 KB)!

(FF8 WinAmp skin I courtesy of Ken)

More to come!

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