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Welcome to Anime Theme Game Center! Here you'll be able to find some interesting Web games based on popular Anime and console game series, created using the latest browser technologies (Internet Explorer required). Choose the game you like and enjoy!

We also have some mini games and applications for PlayStation Portable (PSP)!

Super Robot World Final Fantasy X Mini RPG EVANGELION: Rebirth of Angels
PSP Themes PSP Remote Browser Mai's Dreamland - RPG Portal for PSP

*** Anime Theme World Online - Web-based Multiplayer Online RPG ***

Super Robot World SDK Role-Playing Game Director

EVANGELION: Rebirth of Angels

You may have watched Neon Genesis Evangelion before, but have you ever imagined what you would do if you were Shinji? Now take his role and see if you can save the world with your EVA!

Click and get ready to play the game!

Super Robot World

Welcome to the World of Super Robots! Ever thought of a game with ALL your favorite robots from different Anime series? Ever imagined the scene of ZZ Gundam fighting an Angel, or EVA against a DC Zaku? Here in this game, anything can happen!

Click and get ready to play the game!

Final Fantasy X Mini RPG

Final Fantasy X has been released, but do you know what happened during the development of the game? Check out this FFX mini RPG created by myself using RPG Director! Let's see what Tidus and Yuna were doing at that time!

NOTE: This game is for Microsoft Internet Explorer only.

Are you ready? Click here to play!

Super Robot World SDK
(Scenario Devlopment Kit)

Ever imagined that you can create your own robot-based SLG game? With this Super Robot World SDK, you can easily create a game like my Super Robot World, and you don't even need to know a bit about programming! Let your imagination run wild!

Making a game like this is no longer a dream!

Click and get ready to build your game!

Role-Playing Game Director

Ever imagine a Web page can be a full-feature RPG? Then this is what you are looking for! With this RPG Director, you can easily create your own Web-based RPG using our simple but powerful XML-based markup language! You can use it to build single-player as well as Multiplayer Online RPG!

Still writing fanfic? Why not turn your idea into an interactive RPG!

Click and get ready to build your game!

Anime Theme World Online

Thought Web-based RPG could only be text-based and turn-based? NOT true anymore! Be prepared to witness and enjoy a REALTIME, GRAPHICS-RICH and FULLY DYNAMIC Web-based Multiplayer RPG! ^_^

NOTE: This game is for Microsoft Internet Explorer only.

Click here for a MULTIPLAYER online adventure!

Mai's Dreamland - RPG / Offline Portal for PSP

~ Featuring "Gundam SEED Destiny" Solitaire for PSP ~

Own a PlayStation Portable? Bring this interesting and useful little JavaScript game to your PSP! "Mai's Dreamland for PSP" is a mini RPG itself, but it also includes the functions of an OFFLINE portal with some useful applications (eg. address book, calculator, memo pad) and interesting mini games (eg. PSP Solitaire, MineSweeper, Sudoku / Number Place, Tetris). Apart from Mai, you may also use other characters such as Cloud (from "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children"), Kira (from "Gundam SEED Destiny") and Sousuke (from "Full Metal Panic"). Expand your PSP's horizons!

Download it for your PSP now!

PSP Remote Browser

< === >

Own a PlayStation Portable? Is your Memory Stick not big enough to store everything you want inside? How about if you can use your PSP to directly browse and access ANY media files on your PC? This is exactly what "PSP Remote Browser" is for. It's fast, simple, and FREE!

Download it for your PSP now!

PlayStation Portable (PSP) Themes

Own a PlayStation Portable? The latest firmware update (3.80+) allows you to fully customize the look of your PSP, just like desktop theme for PC! Here we have many original themes for your PSP! Download them now!

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