On Your Mark

(BGM from Chage & Aska's "On Your Mark")

It was the first time (so far the only time) Miyazaki produced an animated MTV for a song. The song "On Your Mark" was composed and sung by Chage & Aska, and the animation was directed by Miyazaki. This music video was shown in Chage & Aska's "Super Best III" concert tour.

The story takes place in a city polluted by radiation and diseases. During a mission, two policemen (Chage and Aska?) find an injured Angel. To save her from this polluted city, they rescue her from the nuclear factory, and bring her back to the sky...

On Your Mark

On Your Mark

Story:10 Characters:10 Graphics:10 Overall:10

My comments: Charming music, stunning animation...what else can I say?

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Chage & Aska

Chage & Aska is one of the best singer duo in Japan. They began their music career after they won in a music competition in 1979. Unlike some other Japanese idol singers who attract their fans mainly by their images, Chage & Aska can actually show their strength and talent in composing and performing songs. Their songs are highly valued in Japan and they have received a lot of music awards. Many of their songs have been rearranged and sung by some other famous singers, such as Maxi Priest, Boy George and Richard Marx. Years ago they were invited to compose and sing the theme song "Something There" for a Hollywood movie, "Street Fighter". The music video of this song, directed by Randee St. Nicholos, was highly valued in the U.S. "MTV Music Video Award".

Screen shot from "Something There" MTV

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